December 2023 Releases

December 2023 Release


1.  Organization name character length increase in supplier onboarding platform 👤


Finexio has increased the maximum size of suppliers' organization names to 100 characters in the supplier onboarding platform.



Increasing the character limit of this field will allow capturing the complete supplier name when they are longer than usual. Note: If the supplier is receiving physical checks, only the first 40 characters will be used due to a limitation imposed by the mail service.


2.  Enhancement to the refund email notification 📨


Finexio has enhanced the refund email notifications that are sent to Buyers. For refunds that result from a check that is "returned to sender," the supplier name and delivery address used to deliver that check are included in the refund email notification.



This enhancement will provide more visibility into the address that was used for checks that were returned. 


3.  Enhanced funding wire lookups process 🔎


Finexio has improved the wire delivery and funding process to prevent potential issues when checking the status of a wire funding request. In some instances, this was causing a wire to appear to error or be delayed. Only 10 End-to-End (E2E) IDs can be included at any one time when processing with the financial institution. Occasionally, batches of 10+ wires were created at funding time, which caused the issues noted above. Wire requests exceeding 10 E2E IDs are now split into two or more.



The wire will no longer enter an error state and will process normally.


4.  Self-Service Enrollment and Payment Delay Tasks in Portal 💻

Purpose and Benefit

This feature is designed to enhance our processes by enabling Payment and Enrollment Delay tasks directly on the portal, thereby reducing the need to track these requests via email. This feature will be available for all Payment and Enrollment delay alerts that are created after 11/20/2023. All outstanding alerts will need to be resolved via the existing process.


Key Changes

1. Self-Service on Portal: Tasks can now be tracked and completed on the portal, replacing the need for email communications. 


2. One Form per Task: Form link for each task will be provided in order to relay the information back to the Finexio team as required.



Specific directions on how to access and process these tasks on the Portal can be found in the below documentation:


We are thankful for your feedback and value our customers’ insights as we continue to improve our processes. If you have any questions about these releases, please reach out to support or your account manager.

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