November 2023 Releases

November 2023 Release


1.  Support for Additional Documentation 📄


Finexio has added the ability for end-users to attach additional documentation to their invoices, from both Portal and API. Additional documents that are provided will then be attached to the remittance data that is sent to suppliers.

 For check payments, the document will be printed and included in the envelope.

For card, ACH, and Wire payments, the document will be attached in the remittance email sent to the supplier.


Additional documentation provided in a PDF format can be included with invoices to speed reconciliation when payments are sent. If submitted, the PDF must be no longer than three double-sided pages. If providing documentation on multiple invoices paid to the same supplier, the limit of three pages applies as well across all invoices.


Ability to attach documentation to invoices in Finexio Portal 

Additional documentation can be attached to invoices in the Finexio Portal via the file uploader. View this detail and step-by-step instructions on the Ability to Attach Documentation to Invoices in Finexio Portal.


Ability to attach documentation to invoices via Finexio API

Additional documentation can be provided along with invoice data in Finexio APIs. In order to do so, additional documentation must be provided via a dedicated endpoint introduced for this purpose. Documentation can be attached to an invoice after the invoice was created, using the invoice id:  /invoices/[id]/documentation/


2.  Reconciliation ID in Payment API V2 Response 📢


In response to customer requests, we have enhanced our Payments API V2 endpoint to include the reconciliation ID when retrieving payments, which was previously only retrievable via the invoices endpoint. The “reconciliation_id” is now part of the invoice array of the payment. 



This will allow for easier matching of invoices to payments.


📣 Coming Soon: December 6, 2023 Release

Self-Service Enrollment and Payment Delay Tasks in Portal


This feature is designed to enhance our processes by enabling Payment and Enrollment Delay tasks directly on the portal, thereby reducing the need to track these requests via email. This feature will be available for all Payment and Enrollment delay alerts that are created after 11/20/2023. All outstanding alerts will need to be resolved via the existing process.


Key Changes

1. Self-Service on Portal: Tasks can now be tracked and completed on the portal, replacing the need for email communications. 


2. One Form per Task: Form link for each task will be provided in order to relay the information back to the Finexio team as required.



Specific directions on how to access and process these tasks on the Portal can be found in the below documentation:


We are thankful for your feedback and value our customers’ insights as we continue to improve our processes. If you have any questions about these releases, please reach out to support or your account manager.

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