January 2024 Releases

January 2024 Release

1.  Ability to control the grouping of invoices πŸ“„


Finexio has introduced the ability to indicate, when submitting a batch of invoices, how they need to be grouped together within payments. 


Using the PaymentGroupId in the Portal

A new column has been introduced in our invoice template. This column, named β€œPaymentGroupId,” is optional and will control how invoices are grouped together within a payment.

In the example below, the five invoices that are uploaded are meant to be paid to the same supplier. The 3 first invoices have a PaymentGroupId of β€œ1,” while the last 2 invoices have a PaymentGroupId of β€œ2”.

 This will result in one payment being issued to the supplier, which covers the first 3 invoices, and in another payment being issued to this same supplier, this time covering the last 2 invoices.


Using the PaymentGroupId in APIs

The same mechanism has been introduced in Finexio API v2. The grouping can be achieved using the PaymentGroupId attribute which has been introduced in the /invoices/batch /endpoint.



This new feature provides flexibility to users who wish to fully control which invoices are covered by a given payment.


2.  Compliance-related changes in the Portal's supplier history πŸ‘€


Finexio has enhanced the Supplier Management feature in the Portal so that system and compliance-related events are no longer shown in the supplier history.



This change will allow for easier identification of changes made to a given supplier when browsing its history in the Supplier Management feature in the Portal.


3.  Instrument number for re-issued payments 🏦


Finexio has improved the way instrument numbers are stored and retrieved so that those numbers can be provided for re-issued payments.



Providing the latest instrument number of a re-issued payment will increase traceability and reconciliation capabilities for our customers.


We are thankful for your feedback and value our customers’ insights as we continue to improve our processes. If you have any questions about these releases, please reach out to support or your account manager.


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