February 2024 Releases

February 2024 Release

1.  Payment Receipt 📄


Specific to Portal users, Finexio has introduced the ability to generate a payment receipt.

This functionality will be available via a link located in the newly introduced “Remittance Receipt” column, in the payment details timeline.

Picture1 4.05.00 PM.png

When clicked, this link will open a new browser tab, showing a PDF document with the payment receipt.



Providing this capability to Portal users will increase self-service capabilities for Finexio customers, allowing them to generate payment receipts on-demand, to show proof of payments to their suppliers.


2.  Remittance Emails 📤


Finexio has enhanced its checks remittance emails by including a PDF document in the remittance email, which will list all invoices when the payment covers more than 5 invoices. Any additional document that was provided during the invoice upload process will also be attached as an attachment, in the remittance email, sent to the supplier for his or her check payment.



Please note that, as part of those changes, the current limit of 3 pages of additional documentation per payment has been removed and replaced with a size limit of 20MB.


The document which lists all invoices paid will allow for easier reading and reconciliation on the supplier side when a large number of invoices are covered by a given check payment.


Additional documents which will now be attached to the remittance email will allow for convenient access by the supplier and will cover cases where there is not sufficient space on check remittance pages to include those documents.


3.  Payment Errors ⚠️


Finexio has enhanced its disbursement capabilities to handle better cases of payments or refunds erroring out and/or getting stuck in the disbursement process.


Those enhancements will improve deliverability and speed of payments which would sometimes error out, and therefore reduce manual intervention.


We are thankful for your feedback and value our customers’ insights as we continue to improve our processes. If you have any questions about these releases, please reach out to support or your account manager.

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