March 2024 Releases

March 2024 Release

Allow Duplicate Submission of Invoices for Refunded Payments


We have made an enhancement to our invoice submission process for the Portal, SFTP, and API. Previously, when an invoice was submitted and found to be a duplicate, it was flagged as an error. However, with our latest update, we're introducing a smarter approach to handling duplicate invoices.

Now, before flagging an invoice as a duplicate, our system will perform an additional check to see if the previous invoice has been fully refunded. If the previous invoice has indeed been refunded in full, we will allow the submission of the new invoice without flagging it as a duplicate. This means that invoices can now be created for an additional time and treated as if they were newly created if they have been fully refunded.


This enhancement streamlines the invoice submission process, saves time, and reduces unnecessary errors for our users. By allowing invoices to be resubmitted if they have been fully refunded, we ensure that valid invoices are processed promptly without hindrance.

We are thankful for your feedback and value our customers’ insights as we continue to improve our processes. If you have any questions about these releases, please reach out to support or your account manager.

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