Portal Overview- Reports

Portal Overview- Reports

Here's a helpful guide on the five different views you can find in the Reports tab of the Finexio Portal.

The Finexio Portal’s Reports tab is where you track payment submissions, settlements, and revenue. This Portal is available to you 24/7 and is updated to give you the most current and accurate data. The Reporting section of the Portal has five views (tabs) to track your payments easily.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Orders
  3. Payment details
  4. Supplier Activity
  5. Payment Aging


In the dashboard tab, you will see the following real-time visualizations:

  • Current month totals(Total spend, number of payments, number of suppliers, and average payment amount)
    • Period totals (Total spend, number of payments, number of suppliers, and average payment amount) These metrics grow over time unless filtered by date)
    • Top paid suppliers (suppliers listed by spend from largest to smallest)
    • Spend by month (monthly spend broken down by payment method)

You can utilize the suggestive search to create a custom dashboard based on the following filtered values:

  • Partner,Buyer(Name of the subsidiary that pays suppliers)
  • Supplier
  • Invoice #
  • Order Date (custom date range based on date of order submission)
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Method (PrintedCheck, ACH, Card or Wire)
  • Original Delivery Method (Email, Fax, Mail, Phone or Portal)


Pro tip: Click on the suppliers or payment methods in the Spend by Month or Top Suppliers visualization and watch the dashboard adjust to show custom metrics.




The Orders tab displays a list view of payment records sent to Finexio for processing. You can customize your view by using the suggestive search feature. Search fields include:

  • Invoice number(ID provided on the invoice from the supplier)
  • Partner,Buyer(Business name of payer)
  • Payment Status (Initiated, Sent, Refunded, etc)
  • Order Reference ID (RC Code provided by Finexio for unique payment ID)
  • Order Date(Use the slider or date fields to filter)
  • Reconciliation ID (Payment ID provided by the Buyer)
  • Supplier Name
  • Payment Method(PrintedCheck, ACH, Card, Wire)
  • Note / Memo



Each column represents the following data elements :


Invoice Number - A value provided by the buyer that contains the supplier invoice number


File Name - The name of the payment file this order was included in

Payment Status

  • Received - Orders for payment received by Finexio
  • Initiated - Orders accepted and instructions sent to the payment processor
  • Processing - Payment processor received instructions
  • Funded - Funds for payment received by the processor
  • Sent - Payment sent to the supplier
  • Complete - Payment received by the supplier
  • Stopping - A request has been made for the payment to be stopped
  • Stopped - Confirmation that the payment has been stopped
  • Refunded - Payment has been refunded to the buyer

Latest Update - The time at which the payment moved to the latest status as shown in Payment Status (ex. if Payment Status shows Sent, Latest Update will read the time at which the payment was sent


Payment Method - Method by which the payment will be sent to the supplier (PrintedCheck, ACH, Card, Wire)


Order Datetime - The date & time at which the payment file was submitted to Finexio


Buyer - The specific buying organization for the customer

This value is user-defined, and in some cases, represents a subsidiary. Many buyers may be enrolled for each customer, and many suppliers may be enrolled for each buyer. 


Supplier Name - The business name of the supplier


Reconciliation ID - (formerly Payment ID) A value provided by the buyer in the payment file


Supplier ID - The supplier identifier. This value is user-defined. 


Invoice Amount - The dollar amount on the invoice that is to be paid to the supplier


Invoice Date - The date of the supplier invoice to the customer 


Invoice Due Date - The date the invoice payment is due to the supplier


Note Memo - This is the text note field of the payment file


Order Reference ID - A unique ID created by Finexio to track individual payments


Payment Check Number - The number of the check (if applicable)


Payment UUID - A unique ID created by Finexio to track individual payments


Pro Tip: Filters

You can use more than one filter to narrow down specific payments to view or export the data to a spreadsheet.

Pro Tip: Exporting Data

If you prefer to work in Excel, we make it quick and easy to download your data. You can do this by clicking on more options (…) at the top right of the table. This will give you an option to export the data to an Excel file or CSV.




Payment Details

Once payments have processed, you can track your payment from submission to settlement through the payment details view. You can view transactions by drilling through into specific payments. To do so, click anywhere in the payment line, right-click, select "Drill through," then select "Payment Details".

This will take you to the Payment Details tab.


You will be able to track the transaction through the following views:

• Timeline – Shows each Payment Status the payment has passed through and its subsequent time stamp. Check image & instrument number also available, as applicable.

  • Invoices – Listing of each invoice & amount in the payment to a single supplier. Note: the RC listed under Order Reference ID is unique to each invoice, while the Payment Reference ID is the master RC for the batch.
  • Payment Details – More information about the overall payment including the supplier name, ID, payment method, batch name, and total number & value of invoices.


View Additional Details 

In the timeline section of the Payment Details screen, there is a hyperlinked View Additional Details view. Click or hover over the hyperlink to view the Payment Events screen.


Payment Events will include a transaction history of payment events, such as date of issue, check clear date, Card authorization or purchase, or payment reissue.


Supplier Activity

The Supplier Activity tab summarizes payments made to each supplier.  

It includes enhanced supplier data not available in the Orders tab, including current payment method and mailing address information.

The righthand visualization shows stats on Spend by Payment Method, Number of Payments by Payment Method, and Number of Active Suppliers by Payment Method.



Payment Aging

The Payment Aging showcases all payments that are currently unsettled and is where to access the Payment Action Request form.




Utilize the Supplier, Payment Method, or Payment Age range filters to refine your view, or define a specific payment using the Payment Reference or Invoice # filters.


If you would like to request an action (ex: refund, reissue, resend email) on an unsettled payment, select the payment row & scroll to the right most column reading Manage Payment. Click the link icon to follow to the Payment Management Request screen. A completed form will be submitted to the Support team for review. 

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