Supplier Data Specification

This supplier data specification defines the data structure necessary for Finexio to do an analysis on supplier enablement.


Spend Analysis File Specification
Finexio would like the most recent 12 months of vendor payments including payment history, payment amounts, contact information, payment terms, etc. Below are two recommended methods for gathering this information from your source system.
Existing check register and vendor master files:
  • Check Register / AP Payment History: This file has a list of all vendor payments your company has made (we would like the latest 12 months) and includes details like date, amount, vendor name, address info, etc
  • Vendor Master: This file is the demographic file associated with all your vendors. This file typically has details like contact information for your vendors, address information, payment terms, etc.
Historical payments file:
If you aren’t able to leverage an existing report, Finexio has created a file. The Finexio Spend Analysis File Specification outlines the values/fields required for us to perform this analysis. Finexio requires a detailed history (i.e., a record of each payment) of the payments you made to your vendors over the last 12 months.

Supplier Data Template

Please request the most up to date Supplier Data template from your Account Manager.
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