How does Finexio Change Supplier Payment Methods to Generate Revenue?

Finexio identifies and optimizes payment delivery

Finexio shifts payments from a high-cost manual process to low-cost digital payments, reducing per-payment costs by 100% and generating revenue.
Funds and remittance are distributed to suppliers via the best and preferred payment method.
Supplier Enablement
Once we receive your supplier data, we have a Supplier Enablement team who reaches out to your suppliers to determine their most beneficial and preferred payment method. Finexio achieves 3x industry-leading electronic payment conversion. 
Digital workflows allow suppliers to effortlessly switch from costly and inefficient manual AP payments.
Finexio offers best-in-class security for all payment methods and alleviates your need to collect, store, or attempt to validate supplier bank account numbers.
By discussing the benefits of Virtual Card and Finexio Express Payments, the Supplier Enablement team is able to guide your suppliers away from costly paper checks towards a revenue generating digital payment. 
Virtual Card - Pay Supplier With a Card
We have partnered with the major credit card merchants to provide your suppliers with the option of receiving their payment via a virtual card. 
Click here to learn more about Finexio’s Virtual Cards:
Finexio Express- Our Direct Deposit Option
We offer your suppliers to receive their funds directly deposited into their account for a small fee charged to the supplier. 
This payment option allows the supplier to still receive their funds quicker and more securely than paper check, but cheaper than virtual card. 
Our supplier Enablement team will collect the supplier’s routing and account number so we can deposit funds directly into their account. We will also request an email address so your suppliers will receive detailed remittance for every invoice paid.  
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