How to Submit and Report Credits

Sometimes a supplier will owe you and the amount owed is entered in your accounts payable system as a supplier credit. Examples of credits are when your company may have had to return items ordered from your supplier, or the supplier may have had to make an adjustment to an invoice sent to your company.

How do credits work?

Finexio supports supplier credits as separate line items in a customer-provided payment file. The credit line uses all the same columns as normal Orders/Invoice lines with the difference being the credit line’s Invoice Amount and Payment Amount values are negative (see example below).

Since credits are not associated with a specific invoice, they should have their own unique invoice number. Whereas Discounts are associated with an invoice and are entered on the Order line.

Example Payment File

Supplier | Invoice# | Invoice Date | Invoice$ | Discount$ | Payment$

ABC Co. | 0001 | 8282019 | 20.00 | 0 | 20.00

ABC Co. | 0002 | 8282019 | -10.00 | 0 | -10.00

The Finexio system will total all the orders to be paid to a supplier contained in the payment file and then deduct any supplier credits from that total. In the example above, a payment of $10 would be disbursed to ABC Co.

IMPORTANT: If the credit amount is the same or more than the total amount owed from the orders, then the payments will not be processed.


What do credits look like on remittance emails and in reporting?

Credits will appear exactly as normal payment remittance information does but notated with parentheses around the amount values.

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