Tracking Payments Within the Finexio Portal

Tracking Payments Within the Finexio Portal

This article will guide you through the basics of the Finexio Portal and how to use it to track payment statuses.

Accessing the Portal

  • To access the Finexio Portal, simply visit
  • By using Finexio's payment system, you become eligible to access their portal
  • When opting for email delivery, a distinct link will be sent to your email alongside the remittance You can establish your access to the portal by clicking on the "Create Account" link provided
  • If you ever get locked out or forget your password, you can easily create a new one by clicking on the "Forgot Password" option
  • If you face any challenges, please submit a ticket to our Client Operations team.

Using the Portal to Track Payment Status 

The Orders Dashboard

Tracking payments in the Finexio Portal is a simple task and can be accomplished in various ways, once you are logged in.
  • To view your orders, simply go to the portal screen and click on the 'Orders' tab found in the bottom menu
  • Once you reach that stage, you can easily look up a specific payment by utilizing any identifiable information you possess
  • Search by Invoice Number
  • Search by Reference Code (Order Reference ID)
  • The reference code is a unique identification number attached to each transaction
  • Any remittance information sent to you by Finexio will reference this code to identify the transaction
  • If multiple payments are sent within a single transaction, one of the reference codes within the transaction will be designated to represent the aggregated payment
  • You may use any reference code from the transaction to locate the payment. The reference codes look something like this:  RC0004951101O01860063 (example)
  • Search by Supplier Name 
  • Search by Payment Status
  • Searching for a payment by using any of these options will generate a list of payments related to your search. From there, you can check the status of the payment(s)

Interpreting the Statuses

  • The amount of time the payment takes to move from the 'Processing' and 'Funded' stages to the 'Sent' stage depends on your funding method
  • The following example follows a payment that was uploaded prior to wire debit funding cutoff, with Card payment method, and moved to Sent before end of day
Please view our Payment Calculator for details about what to expect with your payment based on funding method and payment method.
  • If your payment was sent by wire or ACH, the transaction will be completed as it is sent
  • If your payment is sent by check or virtual card, it will be completed when the merchant deposits the check or processes the virtual card payment

Payment Details

For more information on a specific payment, you can 'Drill Through' the payment from the Orders Dashboard to access a comprehensive summary of the payment details for that payment and all others associated with that transaction
  • To do so, select your payment from the table that populates in the 'Orders' section of the dashboard
  • Right click your selection, and click 'Drill Through'
  • This will bring you to the Payment Details section of the portal
  • Accessing the payment details by drilling through a payment on the portal allows you to view a complete summary of the payment information, including supplier information, payment type, file name, and invoice payments included in the transaction
  • The data is displayed in three tables: Timeline in the upper table, Invoices in the lower table, and Payment Details to the right
  • Included in the timeline is a link to the sent or cleared check image, if applicable, and instrument number. The instrument number will show the following based on the payment method:
  1. Printed Check: Check Number
  2. ACH: The bank trace number associated with the ACH transaction
  3. Card: The last four digits of the card

In the Timeline section, there is a hyperlink to view additional details

  • This views transaction details on the payment in more detail once the payment is sent.
  • For Cards, if the merchant processed the Card in multiple transactions or for a partial Card amount, you will see these actions line by line
In the Invoices section, you will see all invoices listed that are included in the payment batch, if more than one invoice to a single supplier was included in the payment file.
If your payment's status is sent but not complete, that means the merchant or vendor has not yet deposited the check or run the virtual card payment.
If a payment has been sent but is not complete, our team reaches out to assist with the processing of the payment(s) at these intervals: 

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