Updating Supplier Information

Updating Supplier Information

This article provides guidance on updating supplier information, which is crucial to ensure accurate and timely payment processing.

Supplier Change Form

If you or your supplier need to update any information crucial to payments, this form can be used to submit the changes: https://www.finexio.com/vendor-change-request-form

This supplier change form can be used to update any of the following information: 

  • Supplier name
  • Supplier address
  • Banking information for ACH or wire
  • Remittance email 

Unlocking the Form

  • The first part of the form verifies the identity of the person submitting the form
  • The information used in this section is not related to the supplier information that will be updated, but rather verifies the identity of the person requesting the change
  • This identity verification portion is powered by LexisNexis. It is required to ensure that no outside parties can redirect or gain access to your payments
  • No information is gathered or stored during this process. It merely verifies the user's identity to unlock the form
  • If you do not recognize the identity verification options or have any trouble or concerns with accessing the form through this method, please contact Customer Support at support@finexio.com

Supplier Change Form Fields

  • After accessing the form, please provide only the required fields and relevant information to make the necessary changes
  • For example, if you wish to update the supplier name, only the required fields at the top, signing information at the bottom, and the change information is required, as shown below

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